The Swedish Cancer Society saves lives

The Swedish Cancer Societys vision is that cancer should be curable. The over all aim is to achive a higher survival rate and reduce the number of incidense of cancer.The Cancer Socity raise and distribute Money to cancer research in order to achieve there vision. The progress in research means that more lives can be saved. The Cancer Society also focus on that the quality of cancer treatments always should be the best regardless of geographical location of the patient. The Cancer Society is the largest individual funder of cancer research in Sweden. Approximately 400 research Projects are funded by The Cancer Society every year.

The Swedish Cancer Society receive no governmental fundingsand is therfore totaly dependent on private and corporate donations. 84% of the income goes to the purpose and 16% to administration.

The Swedish Cancer Society and Pictura cooperation started over 10 years ago and has been much appreciated both among Pictura customers and end consummers. The Cancer Society cards have been a success year after year.