About Us


Pictura, then called Scandinavian Marketing was founded in 1969 by Erik Arpi and Sverker Andersson, both at the time business students at the University of Lund. However Sverker Andersson left the company after few months

In the beginning the business was built around the sales of four troll posters designed by a young occupational therapist, Lena Larsson, but the range was quickly expanded to include imported folklore gaments and other textile products that were sold through weekly magazines in Scandinavia and Finland. In 1973 the company started to sell art post-cards through the book-stores. In two years, the post-cards became an important part of the range.

The first foreign subsidiaries were founded during the 1970's in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany followed by several other countries. In the 1980's the sales of textile products ceased and in 1987 the company decided to stop developing posters and start focusing on developing a complete range of greeting cards and seasonal cards.

Today the Pictura group is present in seven countries through Pictura companies and in five countries through partnerships. Pictura products are also distributed in several other countries through agents.


Pictura is Scandinavia's largest distributor of greeting cards for retail stores. Besides cards we also offer a wide assortment of wrapping papers, stickers, party articles and gift products.

Our customers include both retail stors and everyday shops.

Our business is managed from our modern facilities in Karlstad. We also have a sales office in Stockholm and sales staff which are stationed throughout the country.